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John Murphy

November 19, 2011

John writes:

There was a time not too long ago that if I was asked if I truly believed in Christ, I would have said “yes”. But knowing now that I have no doubt whatsoever that I know who Jesus Christ is and that He has died to cover my sins, to deliver me from hell, tells me that I knew pretty much nothing before several weeks ago.

When I was young I lived with my mom, and we never really went to church.  If we did go, it wasn’t for more than two weeks at a time, and it usually wasn’t to any particular church.  So when we moved to Bondurant, which is where I live now, she sent me to the church there to the AWANA program every Wednesday .  I remember being asked if I had asked God into my heart and I said “no”.   They obviously wanted me to do this. So I know I was in this quiet time in the attic thinking I knew what I was saying to God asking him to be with me or whatever it was I prayed. The reason I say this is because I didn’t know enough to realize that I did need Him and what I needed from Him.

So for some reason, still unknown to me, I made this decision that I was going to start going to church. I had been to Willow Creek before for several Easter services different years, but only to the Easter services, and loved the message I had heard there. So I wanted to come and learn more.  I ended up joining a small group and met some really great God centered people there and at church.  Up to this point, I still didn’t know that I really did not understand fully what Jesus had done for me.

This brings me to just the past month, I had approached Cody asking about baptism and why I should do it or not do it.  He asked me a few questions and thought it to be best if I read the stranger book (Stranger on the Road to Emmaus) and he would go over it with me and if it wasn’t for him asking me to read this book I would still not know!   I know I need to believe that Jesus is the one and only way to God, that He delivers me from all of my sin to allow me to be seen as righteous in His eyes. I know these things now because of my family and the great direction of the church and members here who have helped steer me to the right understanding of why I really needed to accept and believe that Christ died for me.

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