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Chelsey Klinge

December 3, 2010

My name is Chelsey Klinge. I had a good upbringing, with one of the best moms in the world. However, I wouldn’t say I had a spiritual family and went to church mostly when I would visit my Grandma. I knew some basics about God, about heaven and hell, but never really paid attention when I was made to go to church, I tend to have a short attention span at times. Fast forwarding a little, I became a mother at a ripe young age and was completely lost for many many years. I would find myself angry at God, and embarassed how my life had taken a really big crazy U-turn, but I felt trapped in it. Fast forwarding a little more, I grew a little older, made more mistakes, and was now gaining more control over my life but still missing something. My Mom kept telling me to turn to God and I’d get frustrated at her. Just didn’t seem like the answer to me. Moving forward even more, I rekindled a relationship with my high school sweetheart, my husband now, and we both decided that we should start going to church. It was around Easter last year, and we randomly went over to my brothers house for dinner sometime earlier that week. Pastor Mike was there. We talked and mentioned we were going to start “church shopping” and he invited us to the easter service. We came, and that’s when my brother was baptized. It was a wow moment for me. My brother is up there confessing his faith, the same person that got frustrated with Mom too when she said we just needed to turn to God. Made me think there is something to this and this and I better figure out what it is.

Tanner and I started going through the Stranger Book (The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus) with Pastor Mike and Liz a couple months later. We put our lives in God’s hands on August 7th 2009. We were married August 15, 2009. We are still eagerly learning about God and are involved in many Bible Studies. A weight was lifted off my shoulders that night. I knew it wasn’t my job to control everything in my life anymore, because it’s just not possible without a relationship with God.

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