Growth Groups


Growth groups are the basic units for Christian fellowship, connection, care, and discipleship at The Creek. In keeping with the pattern of the early church, these groups meet in homes and serve as a compliment to our corporate worship on Sundays. Our desire is to see people deepen their love for God as they develop authentic, love-driven relationships with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.


barkerOur growth groups run in a cycle we like to call “3 tens and a break.” We offer 10-week long small group sessions in the fall, winter, and spring with breaks between each session. During the summer, the groups do not meet. In order to participate in a growth group, you must sign up at the beginning of a 10-week session. We offer a directory of groups, and you can choose an appropriate group, provided there is room in the group. We offer groups on the basis of geography, stage of life, and interest. If you desire to plug into a group during one of the 10-week sessions, every 5 weeks we start a “trial” group, which lets you experience our small group format. After the trial group, you are free to sign up for a regularly meeting group before the next 10-week session begins.


karasOne of the major FAQ’s relates to curriculum. The curriculum is the sermons from the previous Sunday service. We believe this is one of the strengths of our program. This allows you to dig deeper into the teaching from Sundays. Additionally, you have the valuable experience of applying the message to life situations in the context of a small group of fellow believers.

Sunday morning services are centerpiece of our ministry. Because our groups supplement and support our Sunday services it is critically important to get plugged into a group! So, how do you get connected to a Group group?


We encourage you to get on “The City” (our church communication software), and we can help you from there to get connected to a group that would best suit your needs. If you are on “The City,” please message Pastor Mike Augsburger or Pastor Zach Dietrich and let them know your interest.

To get on the city please Click Here. Please note your interest in a Growth Group in the Additional Notes.